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Here is a general outline of what our process involves, always keeping in mind that every client and project is unique. If we fit we will always be happy to work with you and make your project happen. We love what we do!

1. Your Place $299 ~ see here

2. Agree that we fit together

We will wait to hear from you after our initial consultation.

3. Preliminary Design | Styling Concept

From our Initial Consultation 'Your Place' we then agree that we fit together as the right team, we can then gather all the information we have discussed and start to research and prepare styles and images that we think will best suit the space. We also use this time to prepare vision boards to clarify style and to confirm the brief.

4. Finalise Concept 

We then welcome any feedback from our clients in regards to our initial concepts, and amend any ideas accordingly. We work with you until you are happy with our final concept and would like to proceed with specifying sourcing products and materials. 

5. Sourcing | Project Managing  

Sourcing products and pieces that we believe will work best in your space, taking into account the purpose of the space, flow, people, functionality and most importantly the budget. Once again we work with you to ensure you approve and understand our selections. We will also gather the right trade team for the job and start to manage those people and the timeline.

6. Develop  

With your approval we finalise all of our selections, which can include ordering all furniture, soft furnishings, objects and art. This can include collaborating with builders, trades, suppliers and manufacturers to ensure we get all the materials, fixtures, fittings that we need to create your dream space. 

We will ask for a 50% deposit of the structured fee at this point for sourcing.

7. Installation & Styling 

Everything leads to this day, the installation and styling of all the choices made throughout this process to bring the project to life! It's normally a time sensitive timeline but always exciting!

8. The Final Stage

The final stage of our process involves a final inspection of the project to ensure that we are both happy with the outcome. This time can also be used to discuss some final styling and placements of pieces.